Berlin – A city of Museums

Jewish Museum

How can we understand our past without travelling back in time? I think museums do that job well.  Overshadowed by the likes of Rome, Paris and London and lacking the tourist crowds, Berlin pulls a massive one when it comes to Museums.

As a millennial( not sure that’s an identity) I couldn’t help but hop into the U-bahn and started exploring the city in search of the many museums. 

In my conquest, one of the most intriguing ones was the Espionage museum tucked near the upmarket Potsdamer Platz. Wait, is spying a subject?My curious soul jumped in to discover the dirty secret state police played on the citizenry. My discovery there deserves another story thread.

Other interesting museums I came across are Museum of Communication, Technology museums, Bode Museum, Jewish Museum even the city has a museum Island on the river Spree. 

Jewish museum by star architect Daniel Libeskind depicts a story of the city,struggle of identity, nation and a moment in history.

These institutions help preserve the intellectualism of the city inhabitants as well as  protecting the future of generations.

Blog 8: Jewish Museum, Berlin.  In the soul of Daniel Libeskind

How did he do it? Only by visiting one can briefly try  to understand the soul of this star architect.

So many words can  be used but I will only leave the pics here. I hope that will inspire that curious mind to take that journey to Berlin.



Wailing faces

The two way corridor. Of noise and silence


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