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About readtrips

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Who is Readtrips?

We are a company that provides students with opportunities to explore their world; outside the classroom.

Through international study trips, they learn the best concepts about their craft from the world’s best minds and places.

Why us

Explore your craft. Learn together. A timeless experience

Explore your craft

Travel and experience the minds of the great people through their creations; see their concepts at work through visits to firms, industries,startups,universities, factories, galleries etc.

Learn together

Reserve your place to join a group of curious minds seeking to understand their area of interest. Our trips are carefully curated to provoke your mind, ask questions that lead to understanding your world and discover ideas to work on.

A timeless experience

Readtrips are 1-2 week discovery journeys merged with immersive experiences of culture, sights and traditions of the destinations. With over 40 trips in 20 countries and always expanding, learn more about the upcoming trips or get in touch for a customised international trip for your students.

Behind the scenes

Our Team

Experiences designed and curated by a passionate and diverse team of experts. We offer you privileged access to acclaimed  institutions, startups and connoisseurs, worldwide which translates into timeless experiences for the students.

Our Founder


Humphrey Mumita

Humphrey Mumita has been exploring the world of architecture for more than a decade seeking soul quenching concepts & transformative ideas in design. With over 49 countries traversed, this inspired founding ReadTrips to provide first-hand immersive experiences for the young minds,sharpening their perspective of the world.


Inspiring the young minds to thrive.


Exploring the world to ignite a passion for discovery

Our philosophy

We’re committed to preserving our cultures through teaching the young generation to travel responsibly

Here for you

Our Commitment

Experiences designed and curated by a passionate and diverse team of experts. We offer you privileged access to acclaimed  institutions, startups and connoisseurs, worldwide which translates into timeless experiences for the students.


  • Customisable experiences for your students in designing a relevant and valuable study trip.

  • Networking: Connecting to a worldwide  network of professionals and valuable experts

  • Personalised advice. Help and advise you to create or fine tune your ongoing international study trips.

  • Logistics support. We help you achieve your travel needs through our support network in matters to do with bookings, accommodations etc reducing the hustles.

  • Establishing a connection with other industry leaders through our annual meetups events.


  • Meeting with best minds in the industry during the visits

  • Exclusive subject itinerary designed for your max exposure

  • Advise on the best trip relevant for your  level of studies.

  • Travel and logistical support

  • Post trips students’ sessions create valuable networks.

  • Any other customer support


For the parents who are inspiring and raising up the doers, mavericks and masters of today.

Most parents understand that school trips are a rite of passage and they appreciate the many benefits that are unique to a study trip versus a family vacation 

Curriculum Connections made before, during, and after the trip by educators help to deepen academic understanding.

Personal Growth. Trips provide personal growth opportunities, from basic travel skills, like budgeting,understanding foreign currencies, going through airport security, to career exploration.

Social-Emotional Development. Traveling with their peers supports the social-emotional development of youths, including the chance to develop resiliency, independence, confidence, and empathy.

We want them to become lifelong learners and develop an insatiable curiosity about the world around them.

Travel can do that and more.


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Plan your trip with us

Let us help you put together a travel itinerary that is manageable, affordable, and will provide your students a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Reach out to one of us or browse our popular trips here

An important note

Thank you for considering ReadTrips to help you plan your custom study trip. Please read our FAQs for important information about our services

We love working with discerning travellers but keep in mind that  we’re a niche independent company and cannot help everyone who reaches us.

Our travel groups are designed with intimate numbers for the best guide/teacher ratio and ultimate learning experience. However, we do assist with large groups on special requests.

As demand is always high for the best trips, we suggest planning 6-9 months in advance particularly for high seasons such as spring and summer.

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