GenZ redefining Educational travel

In the evolving landscape of experiential travel, one demographic stands out for its distinctive ideas regarding discovery travel. The Generation Z or better known as GenZ

So, what makes them so interesting to warrant schools and teachers to pay attention? Here are our findings.

Experiences over Possessions.

They would rather spend time learning how to make a Korean Kimchi , an Italian risotto or Bolivian cuisine instead of filling up their bags with stuff.

To them, the idea of discovering  or learning something on the other side of the world is supreme. Learning Salsa moves in the streets of Buenos Aires or Yoga sessions in Laos forest is more rewarding than collecting Colosseum souvenirs.

A sustainable living

If you haven’t seen their suitcases nowadays, they’re the minimalists to say the least.

They no longer desire that Jacuzzi filling up the hotel bathroom, instead they would be happy to shower open skies with bamboo made faucets. It motivates them to contribute to a sustainable way of travel.

In addition, they are keen to research how institutions, schools, and companies treat their employees. In this case, how teachers approach the idea of sustainable lifestyle. The largesse of life is no longer appealing to this generation.

Forging genuine local connections.

Connecting to the local population is very crucial. It’s no longer me, me travel but rather engaging travel as the local population is a source of inspiration. 

Understanding how Japanese etiquette influences their lives is something they want to carry along in their exploration endeavours.

Mental Health and awareness

Genz values the essence of having a healthy body and mind over the toxic relationship of generic work or leisure experiences. In fact work is incorporated in leisure where travel provides an opportunity to unplug and focus on mental wellbeing.

Technology is King

A generation always fast and first in absorbing information thanks to technology and power of social media. Platforms such as Tik Tok and instagram are a source of inspiration not only in travel experiences but also a source of knowledge about certain skills.

Seine River Paris

It’s an interesting time to witness and participate  in this transformation. A generation having faith in education as an experiential endeavour and where travel is the enabler.

How are you supporting this transformation at your learning institution? 

We are ready to help you meet their travel needs.

Humphrey Mumita- Founder, ReadTrips


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