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First things first is ensuring that each member of your group has a valid passport for travel and making sure you allow enough time for any new passport applications to be processed.

Some countries require that your passport be valid for up to 6 months beyond your return date so don’t forget to check expiry dates and get any renewals done in plenty of time before the trip. 


Visa requirements for Kenyan nationals are the rules and regulations concerning the travel documents needed by citizens of Kenya in order to visit other countries.

The Kenyan passport is currently ranked as the 72nd most powerful passport in the world by the Henley Passport Index. It permits entry to over 70 different countries and territories without a visa in advance.

Before traveling to another country, you should check the visa requirements of the destination.

There are different visa requirements for Kenyans depending on the country they are planning to visit.

Some countries allow Kenyan citizens to enter without a visa for a certain period of time (this can vary between 7 days and 1 year, depending on the country).

In order to visit certain destinations, travelers from Kenya may apply online for an electronic visa (eVisa) or electronic travel authorization (ETA). These are typically quicker and easier to obtain than traditional consular visas, which must be acquired from an embassy.

Kenyan nationals can also apply for a visa on arrival at the international border when traveling to under 30 countries, but this may involve waiting in long lines at an immigration checkpoint.

Kenyan passport holders must apply for a visa in person at an embassy in order to travel to over 150 different countries. In order to move to or work in the majority of countries, Kenyan citizens must also go to an embassy to obtain the relevant visa and permits.

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